What to serve with Fish and Seafood

Vegetables and side dishes: Starches are great with fish and seafood. The French love to serve baguettes (those long tasty bead flutes). For other meals tiny boiled potatoes with the skins left on are great. For green vegetables, peas go great, so does zucchini, unpeeled and stir fried with some garlic or with mushrooms.

Salads and Salad platters: Tossed salads for fish meals are best when lemon juice is included in the dressing. Tart dressings are great to clear the palate. Sometimes it is even good to serve a plain salad with no added vegetable, especially when grilling.

What to drink with Fish: Except for those who avoid alcoholic beverages, it is traditional to serve chilled, light whine. Some prefer light and fruity whines. Another great drink is champagne, and some still prefer a great cold beer to go with their fish. non alcoholic drinks that go great include grapefruit juice, dry ginger ale and club soda. Anything with a twist of lime also goes great!

With fish centered dishes, there are many options!