Baking Fish

Baking is a dry heat method of cooking in which little or no liquid is used. Some also call it roasting. The fish may cook covered or uncovered. However, if the fish are covered more moisture will be retained, making for a juicer fish. Whole fish should be baked at around 375 degrees while smaller fish should be baked at around 425 degrees. The higher heat cooks thin fish quickly and evenly, while for a larger fish the high heat would quickly cook the outside before the inside was done.

For large fish, one should slash it on both sides for even baking. Remember to preheat the oven so that the fish begins to cook immediately. The fish does not need to be turned during baking, because the heat is evenly distributed. Fr the most part, whole fish and some chunky fish steaks and fillets are perfect for baking. Examples include cod and halibut.

It is a great idea to bake in parcel paper because it uses n fat and the fish retain all of the flavor. This is known as En Papillote (in a parcel). One may also use aluminum foil. There are also a few baking dishes available that are perfect for fish. It all depends on the size of the fish, but typically an oval baking dish works wonders. In baking, if one wishes to prevent over drying, one may bake in a small amount of liquid ( butter or oil). However, this is also adding fat content, so be wary.